Kendra Albert

Harvard CyberLaw Clinic

Kendra Albert
Clinical Instructor
Cyberlaw Clinic
Harvard Law School

By day, I’m a clinical instructor at the Cyberlaw Clinic at Harvard Law School, where I teach students to practice technology law. I am a radical generalist and will work on pretty much anything technology-related. Some recent (public) highlights include:

*Helping Fight for the Future, a digital rights advocacy organization, fight back against a retaliatory and overbroad subpoena from Proctorio, an e-proctoring company.

*Working with sex worker art collective Veil Machine to provide legal support for their art show E-Viction, that protested digital gentrification.

*Representing Paul Kruczynski when he received a takedown letter from Instagram for his use of the Instagram trademark in the domain name “”

My scholarship, writing, and speaking focus on questions of digital technology and power, especially in relationship to gender and sexuality.

*My legal scholarship focuses on FOSTA/SESTA, a 2018 law that changed how liability worked for online platforms around sex trafficking and prostitution. With Elizabeth Brundige and Lorelei Lee, I published a descriptive article, FOSTA in Legal Context, which aimed to situate FOSTA in relationship to the Mann Act and the Travel Act. More recently, I have an article called Five Reflections from Four Years of FOSTA/SESTA, forthcoming in the Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal, which tries to summarize what working with sex workers on FOSTA has taught me.
*With Maggie Delano, I’ve written about how non-binary people are excluded from “smart scales” and what this means about inclusion in health technologies more generally, in “This Whole Thing Smacks of Gender”.

*With Ram Shankar Siva Kumar and others, I’ve written and spoken about how to apply law to adversarial attacks on machine learning systems. Our Blackhat talk “Smashing the ML Stack for Fun and Lawsuits” is a great summary, or you can check out the fuller range of papers on my CV.